Crazy prize-winning success from Modern Architecture final papers (Fall 2018)

Huge congratulations to my stellar students from ARTHIST 275: Modern Architecture, Fall 2018. An unprecedented three final comparison papers from that course by Olivia Chang (International Studies major, Art History minor / senior); Bethany Greene (Economics major, Architectural Studies minor / junior); and Jennifer Wang (Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology Major, Architectural Studies minor / junior) won Emory College, Emory University Libraries, and Art History Department prizes. I couldn’t be prouder of the research and analytical work they undertook to produce such justifiably heralded essays. Congrats, Olivia, Bethany, and Jen! See their topics below:

  • Olivia Chang, “In Search of Modern Classicism: The Shared Inspiration of Atlanta Freemasons and Hitler’s Third Reich,” paper for Modern Architecture course, winner of Dorothy Fletcher Paper Prize ($150), 2019

  • Bethany Greene, “An Unexpected Pairing: The Villa Muller and Cannon Chapel,” paper for Modern Architecture course, honorable mention for Alan Rackoff Prize for Undergraduate Research ($500), 2019

  • Jennifer Wang, “Cities Within Cities: A comparison of Rockefeller Center and Peachtree Center,” paper for Modern Architecture course, winner of Elizabeth Long Atwood Undergraduate Research Award ($500), 2019